Why 33ad?

33ad actually comes from a year

Thirty Three A.D. The common belief is that Christ was 33 years old when he was crucified, and since we count years from his (aproximated) birth, then 33AD would have been the year of his crucifiction and resurrection. Sooo, that's where 33ad.org comes from.

The interesting thing is that some scholars think that the monk that did the whole counting on the year thing was actually about 3 years off. So, that would mean the death of Christ would have been about AD 30 instead. However, here's a link that gives some really interesting arguments for why 33 CE seems the right year.

So in a nut shell...

33ad.org is a loose conglomeration of websites run by a group of friends and named after a year 2000 years ago. It provides email addresses to the guys and their spouses, but also serves as a central place to put up information for the mass public and for sharing certain projects that they're working on.

Who is jeremy?

Jeremy Kelley is a simple guy living around Austin, TX. He loves his gorgeous wife, his beautiful children, hacking on software, and God. In the past, he helped found Snoball. He has worked at IBM and CERT/CC on security and malware but now he has more fun building code than breaking it.

Someday, he will complete his PhD at Texas A&M University in the infolab as a Data Scientist and on large scale data understanding related issues.

ps - he feels weird writing about himself in the 3rd person

What's with nod?

Jeremy adopted the name "nod" years ago on IRC. At the time, there was another Jeremy and several other "j" names in the department and he needed something to make tab completion on his nickname easier. A random search of the diceware list yielded "nod" and it just stuck.

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