cox cable internet. good and bad Dec2003

We're in the new house (still now pics, I can't find the digi camera in all the boxes) and I have gone from TimeWarner cable to Cox cable. So far, I've been pleased with the net connection. The biggest downer is that they now block port 80 and port 25. lame. sad Sooooo... that means my network traffic graphs that were on my firewall are no longer available to the general public. I'll try and get them scripted to push up to my colo server, but it's not a high priority. Also, we really need some prayer on what to do about a church. We really love GCC ( but it's a good bit of a drive to make from our new house.

These thoughts are my own, unless they're yours. And if they're yours, we may have metaphysical problems beyond simple concept ownership and should probably talk soon.