herding cats Sep2003

The wife and I had the privilege of watching some kiddos on friday/saturday for a friend. Three girls. Three little girls, one of them two years old. The oldest at ten, the middle in between that. I watched Kim Possible, Rugrats Grown Up, way too much Animal Planet, and certain other shows that I've blocked from my mind. We played playstation, my guitar, and an odd bluffing game with the two year old where she stands in front of the tv so noone can see until someone grabs her. Friday night/saturday morning, the youngest had nightmares, and so instead of her on the futon in my office, i rolled over to discover my wife pushing me off the bed so that I didnt wake the little one. So, for several hours, we avoided her because a fitful nap is better than a screaming child. By a quarter to 7 (that's AM on a Saturday for those in the cheap seats) the two older girls were awake and wanting to watch rugrats or something else similarly painful. Food!! Food!! Cartoons!! Blah! Anyways, Saturday after breakfast, we walked the mall. Do the math. Me, at the mall, with my wife and three little girls. woohoo. yay. I'm still cowering in the fetal position. But wait, It Gets Better. After the mall, and of course lunch in the food court... we headed to the park to meet up with others. Yay! Uncle Jeremy now gets 4 other kiddos to herd! Three hours at the park. Swing, slide, climb, fall, cry, swing, slide, fall, cry, climb, swing, ad infinitum. Luckily, it had been agreed that the park would be the end of my duties, and so i was free shortly after that bit o' fun. Anyways, as tiring as it was, I hate to admit that I had fun with them and the little apartment seems awfully quiet now that i'm not yelling at someone to put [insert whatever here] down immediately!

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