ugly chess Nov2003

I wrote uglychess while I was in France and wanted to play a game or two with some buddies still in the states. Unfortunately, if we were to meet up online, it meant I had to stay up till about 4am for them to get freetime in the evenings to play. I couldn't find any other packages at the time that were a hybrid of play-by-mail but with a web front end. So, in one night, I whipped up UglyChess. It's called this because the pieces are way ugly, the interface is way ugly, and the code is way uglier.

Anyways, I found an old tarball of the last working version tonight. Like all good software projects, it works, then as a coder, i think to myself "I could do that better". Then, halfway through the re-write, I got bored and left it broken. Luckily, I never delete anything and came across a working version of it. Took me about 3 minutes and it was up and running. w00h00! :)

To play, just go to and it's pretty self explanatory. If you have suggestions, feel free to implement them and send them to me.

update: -may30,2005- this blog entry was made about 2 server moves and 4 site redesigns ago. i'll try and find the tarball and paste it.

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