concerning hobbits Feb2004

heh. Soundtrack to LoTR is currently at the top of the playlist. Nice soothing music. Some flute thing. I'm supposed to be studying for American Lit test on Tuesday night. Supposed to be. Instead, I'm messing around with an irc bot to play poker and in between that, I'm looking at a disassembly of one of the myriad of worms that have hit the net in the last couple of weeks. Song just changed to Linkin Park's "Runaway". Very angry song. I think that means I'm getting old when I start to classify music that way. We slept late this morning instead of making it to church. We're pretty pathetic really. Sarah's got a meeting this afternoon with someone to talk about her business ( and so we slept in and then tried to get the house back in order after this weekend's festivities. Friday night, we had poker night with some friends (/wiki/PokerNight) and then on Saturday night, we had the family over for a game night. So my normally convent-quiet house was besieged by 5 children with an average age of 5.4. surprised All in all, it's been a pretty good weekend. Unfortunately, I'm going to ruin that by ending this post and going to study the poetry of Emily Dickinson and Ol' Walt Whitman.

These thoughts are my own, unless they're yours. And if they're yours, we may have metaphysical problems beyond simple concept ownership and should probably talk soon.