JuiceBox and Starcraft Prayers Jun2005

First things first. I'm tucking Seth into bed tonight (one of my nephews my wife and I are raising) and he prays:

Dear God, thanks for helping me make so many zerglings and beating Jonathan today. Please help me to beat Uncle Jeremy like that tommorrow. Amen
He's really into his Starcraft. ;)

Now to talk about the JuiceBox. This isn't some weird fruit drink the kids take to school in their lunches. It's actually a toy that was put out by Matel but that's been discontinued. The cool thing is, it's got a full color screen, has an adapter for SD memory cards and RUNS LINUX! I went to Target today and bought four of them on clearance. They were about $13 each, plus I bought 3 of the MP3 kits. My wife thought I was nuts for spending that much money on a discontinued toy, but when I'm running the car on it, won't she be surprised! mwahahaha

Anyways, the posibilities with this thing are endless. I want to hack into it to accept a serial input, and then once that's runing, I could do anything. Internally, it's got a 60mhz ARM chip and 8mb of memory. The mp3 kit came with a 32mb SD card and I haven't tested it to see if it'd work with a larger one yet.

These thoughts are my own, unless they're yours. And if they're yours, we may have metaphysical problems beyond simple concept ownership and should probably talk soon.