linux laptops Jun2005

I've run linux on my laptop for several years now and it's always been a complete drag to setup. Of course, once it's up and running, it is up and running for good.

Unfortunately, it's a laptop and that means it goes to a lot of hostile places that I just don't trust. I would like the ability to reinstall the machine without too much trouble. I also use my laptop as a testbed for new libraries and such. Also, I run a dual boot of windows on it so I can play starcraft with my boys. Needless to say, it'd be nice to be able to reinstall it about once a month without too much grief.

Gentoo on the desktop and server is WONDERFUL but gentoo on the laptop is just sad. :( With that, I've tried a couple of different distros lately. Fedora Core was ok, but I just can NOT handle it. Too thick too bloat too much. I even thought of just going knoppix and living on a fat32 on my hdd, but that's not there either. Right now, I am running ubuntu on it and the install was great. It just setup everything perfectly, including the display at 1400, wireless, sound, etc. As a matter of fact, it detected my Linksys WPC11 wireless card and used that for the install. It really seems tied to gnome (i like fluxbox) but if I can live with that, I'll be ok. If I could get it to use fluxbox, and then rsync my whole homedir to my lanserver to save all my prefs, etc, that would be wonderful.

These thoughts are my own, unless they're yours. And if they're yours, we may have metaphysical problems beyond simple concept ownership and should probably talk soon.