openbsd on a t22 Aug2005

I installed OpenBSD on my laptop today. It's an IBM ThinkPad T22. I've got video working at 1400x1080, network, x with fluxbox, and sound. I still want to get APM working, but after doing some reading, that may require a repartioning of the hard drive. I should have done a little research first...

Sound was a complete nightmare until I found these notes stating to disable "PCI Bus Power Management" in the BIOS. After doing that, the staticy, garbled, interference filled sound problems were gone. (the soundish adjectives are for google, since I searched for all of those for about 2 hours)

I've posted my xorg.conf here in case anyone else has a T22 and wants to get the lovely 1400x1080 out of it. :)

I'll be working on the APM soon, and if I find anything noteworthy, I'll post it here.

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