StarCraft, The Next Generation Mar2005

So it was cold out today. Cold as in 60F. It's Austin, what do you expect. Anyways, the boys were stuck inside the house, and I was the one stuck with them. So what did I (geek-extraordinaire), two seven and eight year old boys, and four walls do to pass the time?

* We learned about micro-economics! (gotta collect so much crystal and gas to build those space marines)
* We learned about spatial planning! (is it best to put photon cannons before or after the crystal for maximum protection and range?)
* We learned about team communication! (yelling down the hall, "He's got SIEGE TANKS DUDE!!")
* We learned about tactics and strategy! (crackling rush!! build phots quick!)

Yep, we played StarCraft, and it was great. ;)

The boys have been playing it in campaign mode for the past month and had pretty much lost interest. I kept telling them they needed to practice a lot before we played, but they didn't believe me. We hooked up the three machines they have access to and ended up playing them-vs-me pretty much all day. I'd guess it was probably 8 hours straight. Completely insane. I don't believe that hardcore medication could keep them sedated for that long. Put them in front of a Terran Firebat onslaught, and they're immobilized. All in all, it was a lot of fun, and I'm sure they'll be begging to play again soon, even though they never beat me. ;)

On the down side, it means I didn't study for my philosophy test coming up Monday. Looks like Sunday night will be all about the cramming. yay plato.

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