fun with my diesel powered suzuki samurai Mar2006

I finally brought home my '86 suzuki samurai from the garage on Friday night. The cool thing is that it's now powered by a 1.6 turbo diesel from a 1986 Volkswagen Jetta. I should be posting some pics in the next day or two when they get emailed to me.

I drove it home friday night about 1:30AM (technically Saturday morning, but it felt like Friday still). It was Great!! The suzuki samurai isn't known for it's massive powerplant. Normally, you just get in the right lane and watch people pass you. On hills, you would sometime get on the shoulder and hope you're not holding up too much traffic. ;) Well, with the new engine, I was passing people left and right and accelerating Up Hills!! mwahahaha

Well, tonight, I had gone back up to the shop to do a bit more work. Was driving home, and the engine starts puttering then dies. Hmm... oh yeah. I'm out of fuel. Stupid broken fuel gauge. I called my wonderful wife and she brought me a gallon of diesel. Unfortunately, once diesels are out of fuel, due to the way fuel is fed to the engine they're hard to start. I used my swiss army knife to disconnect the inbound fuel line to the injector from the fuel filter, poured diesel into that, then hooked it back up. Turned on glow plugs, waited 20 seconds, and it started right up.

Anyways, yay for swiss army knives and wonderful wives who are willing to bring me fuel. :D

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