A while back, I got an email stating "you can preo" /> A while back, I got an email stating "you can preo" />

new StavesAcre album Apr2006

A while back, I got an email stating "you can preorder the new StavesAcre album". Being the fanboy that I am, of course I plunked down the cash for my copy of How To Live With A Curse. Well, today, it arrived in the mail. I'm not really into autographs, but by pre-ordering my cd cover came autographed.

Let's go back in history about 2 days, to where my friend Aaron got his cd in the mail first (that jerk). We were hanging in IRC when he started talking about it as he opened the annoying plastic wrapped cd box.

<@veritas> just from the song name this sounds like a really good album <@veritas> "The Trouble with Being Born" <@veritas> "Kill My Darlings" <@veritas> "Grace"

and then mere seconds later after having listened for a bit:

<@veritas> perhaps the best stavesacre album yet

With these comments about the cd, I was a little anxious for my copy to arrive. Well, as previously stated, today it did. I rushed up to my office, ripped into the packaging and placed it into my cdrom.

Here's a summary of my first feelings towards the album's content after the first hearing.

  • oooh, i like this
  • hey, this song is cool too
  • hmm.. has a nice feel, lyrics feel weak though
  • ooh, i like this song
  • whoa! 8th song and the album is still good!

And, the general feel of the album remained strong for the entire set. Overall, it's great Stavesacre music. Is it the best... well, the thing about Stavesacre is that their music seems to get better the longer you hear it, unlike the bubblegum pop you hear on the radio that sickens you after the third play.

So, I'll reserve an "it's the best Staves album yet" judgement call for about a month from now. Initial impression is that it's definitely in the running.

These thoughts are my own, unless they're yours. And if they're yours, we may have metaphysical problems beyond simple concept ownership and should probably talk soon.