encrypted wireless at Texas State Round Rock campus Apr2007

Some of you may know, but I attend courses at the Round Rock campus of Texas State University. The wireless network there has great coverage, if you're in certain parts of the building...

Anyhoo, there's a guest network that seems to be quite finicky and I think they watch your traffic and lock you out at the most inopportune times. With that in mind, I've been fighting with wpa_supplicant on my gentoo linux t42 for several classes now. I have no idea what the lectures have been about, but getting wireless to work was completely worth it.

Without further adieu, follows is a configuration block for wpa_supplicant.conf that will get you up and running.

network={ ssid="TexasStateUniversity(encrypted)" scan_ssid=1 key_mgmt=IEEE8021X eap=PEAP identity="PUT YOUR STUDENT ID HERE" password="PUT YOUR PASSWORD HERE" priority=9 }

Edit the wpa_supplicant.conf file and add the above config block. Don't forget to edit the identity and password parameters and tailor it to your credentials.

Restart your wireless, reboot, or whatever and you should connect up.

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