On The Edge Of The Dark Edge of Darkness, by Andrew Peterson and I loved it. " /> On The Edge Of The Dark Edge of Darkness, by Andrew Peterson and I loved it. " />

On The Edge Of The Dark Edge of Darkness Apr2008

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I recently read On The Edge Of The Dark Edge of Darkness, by Andrew Peterson and I loved it. I'm anxiously awaiting the sequel to find out what happens to Janner, Tink and the others. Pick it up and read it, you won't regret it.

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Ahhh, songwriters - the poets of this modern era. My favorite, unequivocally, is Andrew Peterson. There's something about the timeliness of each of his songs that always seems to hit me just at the correct stage of life. I think he's literally living about two years ahead of me. "The Chasing Song" and "Nothing to say" came about in 2000, just about the time my wife and I were getting ready to go overseas. The lyrics spoke volumes to me and ministered directly to me. Then, in 2003, his "Family Man" brought tears to my eyes as we were trying to plan a family and make some hard decisions about life. 2005 brought his "Far Country" and a multitude of songs yearning for another place and time amid the business of modern life. As you can see, I'm a fan of his work and can say his songs have really affected the way I live.

I know this is an odd way to begin a book review, but I say all this to help you realize my fear upon hearing he was going to write a novel aimed at children. What if it was awful? What if I was completely bored with the whole thing? One man shouldn't be able to write life changing songs AND entertaining books. That's too much talent for one person. I was wrong. The guy's a talented genius.

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On The Edge Of The Dark Edge of Darkness is a fun, entertaining, read with constant ups and downs that kept me interested. It's one of those books you start reading and all of a sudden, you're done and disappointed that the last page crept up on you.

From the beginning the characters were engaging and believable. Through a series of short tales with multiple points of excitement, the entire world is introduced in a way that kept me, the reader, always curious and wanting to read "just one more page" before putting it down.

My only complaint was that the book did seem to end quite abruptly, but for this genre of children's adventure, that's quite acceptable as it's obvious this is a series and there will be more to the tale.

I believe the story actually comes from a series of bedtime stories that the author told his kids, and as such it's a lot of fun and would be a great bedtime story book to read a chapter or two each night to children. The bad guys are bad, but not too bad. The good guys are obviously good, and the overtones are wholesome. I loved it.

Overall Recommendation?

Go get it and read it to your kids. They, and you, will love it.

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